Sports Massage

Sports massage is not specifically a Chiropractic treatment method, but it is nevertheless a very useful technique which we employ at Shifnal Chiropractic Clinic.

Essentially, sports massage is a form of massage which uses a much firmer pressure than some other forms to really work deep into the muscle.  This not only relaxes the muscles that are being worked on, but also encourages lymphatic and venous drainage from the area, aiding the recovery of muscles following exercise or injury, and generally promoting health and healing in the area.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from sports massage – whether you are competing in the next Olympic Games, enjoy going to small local competitions or spend all day every day sitting in the office, you are going to be using muscles.  Just staying upright requires that!  Therefore those muscles can become tight, fatigued and painful, causing a lack of movement, discomfort and even further injuries in other areas as your body tries to compensate for the lack of mobility in the original site.  Sports massage will aim to restore the balance to your body, ensuring all areas can move to the best of their potential and any build up of acids or waste material can be washed freely away by your body’s natural circulatory systems.

Sports massage does have something of a reputation for being painful – and it’s true that sometimes the work required means the therapist will have to work deep into a muscle, which can be uncomfortable.  But at Shifnal Chiropractic, we aren’t into causing unnecessary amounts of pain – I never did like the “no pain, no gain” saying!  So, we will always work well within your tolerance, even if this means that the treatment takes a little longer.  We will never spend longer working on an area than you are comfortable with, and we rely totally on feedback from you to ensure that the pressure we are using is exactly right for your individual needs.

If you wish to receive a sports massage, but don’t wish to register as a Chiropractic patient, then that is no problem at all!  Laura is more than happy to take you on as a pure sports massage client; the format of the appointment will be different, but you will still be receiving superbly high quality care to help you maintain your maximum level of health.  So please do contact us to book your appointment today!