Foam Rolling

Some of you who have visited the clinic may have noticed a blue foam cylinder propped up in one corner – this is my foam roller, and it’s my essential item for DIY-soft tissue work.  It’s basically a very dense foam which you can use to apply pressure along various parts of your body, squeezing … Continue reading “Foam Rolling”

Running and Chiropractic

For cardiovascular fitness, there’s nothing quite like running.  Unfortunately, that  comes at a price, and that price is the seriously high impact that your feet, knees and hips are all expected to cope with.  Chiropractic can be instrumental in picking up the pieces when this all begins to take its toll, but it is just … Continue reading “Running and Chiropractic”

Cycling and Chiropractic

Before I even left college, I was being introduced to the world of international road cycling races as one of my colleagues and patients at college was an international-level competitor.  In helping him with his training, I learned a lot, especially about the problems that can be caused by even the slightest imbalance in the … Continue reading “Cycling and Chiropractic”