25 Days to Fitness

Almost exactly a week into December and the anticipation is starting to build for Christmas.  Kids everywhere (and of all ages!) are waking up each morning, all excited to open the next door on their chocolate Advent calendar.  Office parties are popping up for the adults, with all the related excesses and before you even get to Christmas you’re starting to feel less healthy than you have all year.

After Christmas comes the New Year’s Resolution of “I will never eat anything unhealthy or drink any alcohol ever again and I will go to the gym 5 times a week for at least an hour”.  Yeah, right.  Never going to happen is it?!

But here’s a new suggestion that the lovely Danni Evans from Basecamp Health and Fitness – an exercise advent calendar (link: http://www.basecamp-ellesmere.com/blog/102).  Ok, so I know it’s never going to replace the chocolate version – and nor should it, we’re all entitled to a bit of fun – but as a concept it’s brilliant.  There is a new exercise every day, so on day one you do the first exercise, day two you do the first and second, day three is the first 2 exercises and then a new one…and so on.

Obviously, being 7 days  into Advent Calendar-season, it’s not necessarily the best time to start using it for that purpose (although, really it’s never too late!), but who’s to say it has to be just for advent?  Choosing one new exercise every day, and only doing each exercise for a comparatively low number of repetitions, is a really great way to build yourself gradually towards a fitter, stronger and above all healthier you!