How Long Will It Take?

The key question we all want to know the answer to – will it take long for me to get better?  The honest answer is, it depends!

The number of sessions required for you to fully recover from your complaint will vary, depending on a number of factors.  First, there is the diagnosis – some conditions are much faster to heal than others.  Then there are your individual factors, such as age, overall fitness and the length of time from which you have been suffering with your complaint.  Also, every person reacts slightly differently to chiropractic treatment, so two people with exactly the same diagnosis may recover at different rates.

When you first attend Shifnal Chiropractic Clinic, your Chiropractor will inform you of your diagnosis and the aims of the treatment plan.  Once the treatment has been initiated, and you attend the clinic for the second time, your Chiropractor will then give you an estimate for how long it is expected to take for you to recover.  This delay in estimating the time until the second appointment is for the very simple reason of wishing to be as accurate as possible.  Seeing how your body reacted to the first treatment, how long any beneficial effects lasted and what impact your day to day activities have had on this first stage of recovery will enable your Chiropractor to give you a much better idea of how long you can reasonably expect to wait before you are pain-free, and on the road to health once more.

Initially, it may be necessary to have several treatments close together, to allow us to really get on top of your complaint rather than chasing along behind.  Once there, we can start spreading the appointments out further and further until you are able to go three to four weeks without a recurrence of your symptoms.

When we have reached this stage, we shift our emphasis on to preventing any future problems.  The exact way in which we set about this will depend on your personal preferences, but at Shifnal Chiropractic we believe in enabling each patient to take care of their own health as much as possible.  Part of our strategy for achieving this is through advice about how you are  going about your day to day activities, and how you might improve your situation by a few simple changes such as changing your sleeping position away from lying on your front, or improving the set-up of your desk at work.

Another important factor is making sure you are physically in the best place possible with respect to posture, strength and flexibility.  Please feel free to browse the page on Physical Rehabilitation for further information as to how we can achieve this.  Some people prefer to take away a set of exercises to work on at home, and only come back to the clinic if they come across a difficulty, have a recurrence of their complaint for some reason or develop a new complaint.  Other people prefer to attend the clinic on a regular basis to make the most of our one-on-one exercise tuition, ensuring all the exercises given are being done in the best way possible and for the maximum affect.

While we always try and maximise your independence from our care, there are certain complaints such as Osteoarthritis which are never going to be “cured”.  In these cases, it is sometimes necessary for patients to return every once in a while for a quick refresher of their treatment to keep them able to live the happy, active and healthy lives they wish for.

Remember, whether you choose to attend the clinic on a regular basis, or work on your health from home, Shifnal Chiropractic Clinic is always here to help and we look forward to seeing you at any time.