Subsequent Visits

After your first appointment, you will be asked to book in for a follow-up session at the Clinic.  This is usually scheduled for a time which suits you in the week following your initial consultation, although this may vary depending on the nature of your complaint.

Each subsequent visit is approximately 20 minutes in duration, and follows a shortened version of your first appointment format.  First, your Chiropractor will enquire about how you have been since you last session – whether you experienced any side-effects from treatment, how long any benefit lasted and whether there has been any change overall in your condition.  A short physical examination will then be performed to establish what physical changes there have been as a result of your last treatment.

Once these facts have been evaluated, the next stage of your treatment plan can begin.  Remember, if at any point you feel that something in the treatment hasn’t suited you, your Chiropractor will always be willing to adapt their techniques to something you find more comfortable.  Similarly, if a particular treatment method doesn’t seem to be getting the results we had hoped for, it may be decided between you and your Chiropractor that it would be worth doing a complete re-evaluation to ensure you are receiving the best and most appropriate care possible for your condition.